The George Phillips Excellence Awards

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George Phillips (1928-1996)

•Born on January 1, 1928

•Attended the St. Vincent Grammar


Excelled academically

An Outstanding athlete

•Graduate of the University of

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Excelled at soccer and athletics

Captained the Canadian cricket team

His nickname “Black Magic”

Always determined to succeed against all

odds–played sports

with a broken arm and a sprained ankle

•Also lived in Curacao and Aruba–broke several

international high jump records while in the Dutch territories

•Migrated to England

•Stationed as an Agricultural

Officer in Grenada

Designed and created the Grenada National Zoo

British Zoo experts described it as the best designed Zoo in the world•

•Returned to St. Vincent and the


–interest in horticulture

–dog rearing (German Shepherd)

–Charter President of the Rotary

Club of St. Vincent

Sought many scholarships for Vincentians

•George’s focus

–academic excellence